Our Product Is Our "People"

Our business is housecleaning, but our product is our people.  We are fortunate to have been blessed with great employees who take sincere pride in looking after the regular housecleaning needs of our clients.

Because of the high standards we look for in the people we employ only the best job candidates are handpicked to join our team.  From what our clients tell us, our cleaning teams are unbeatable (if you'll excuse our bragging).  Get your customized quote!

Additional Cleaning Services

Change bed Linens

Wash Ceiling Fans

Wash Blinds

Inside Refrigerator

Inside Self-cleaning Oven

Light Laundry & Dishes

Wash Windows

Wash Window Tracks

Vacuum Upholstery Furniture

Sweep the Porch


Wash Wastebaskets

Wall Washing

Polish Kitchen Cabinets

Move-In/Make Ready
Move-Out Cleanings

Fresh Start 
Deluxe Cleanings

Recurring Weekly, Every Other Week Cleanings

For Sale Cleanings, Post-Construction Cleanings,
One-time cleanings

We Freshen Your Nest & Promise to Brighten Your Day!
All Natural, orangic & green aromatherapy cleaning is effective and safer
your family, pets, and the planet.

Effective Green Cleaning | Customized Service | Committed to Quality  
Screen & Trained Staff  | Friendly & Professional  |  Guaranteed Satisfaction

Fresh Start top to bottom deluxe house cleanings
One-time house cleaning

What our clients say...

Your staff is very easy to communicate with, skilled, caring and proficient!  The service you have provided us is such a gift for my whole family.  We are astounded at the sparkle in our place!  Extremely satisfied - looking forward to having Freshen Your Nest in our home every week.

Mullica Hill, NJ



One thing that I'm impressed with is that 98% of items are returned put back where they were originally.  I hear so many people complain that after their cleaning they have to go through the house and put items back where they belong.  Not the case with your team. Very, very happy with the service.

Glassboro, NJ